2012, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia

The SILK group was formed just after the international conference on the university leadership for sustainable livelihood, organized by AiU. The founder then led a few students to organize a panel on the said topic, perform a musical drama called “Back to Sanity; Back to Unity”, produce a book called “fEAST”, and an exhibition of the indigenous culture of over 150 countries. In this exercise, the founder found out the compassionate heart of “giving” in many students and continued to inspire them. This is how the ‘Global Giving Group’ came to existence.


The Global Giving Group involved in recycling projects in the campus collected money for charity, seminars for self-development, get together for fellowships, and kept the fuel in them till 2014 when the university had to rethink about its design and send its students to other universities. The group kept its spirit alive when Papa John was the advisor for “The healthy living club” of the university. Around 60 students from various countries participated in the activities.


When they had to disperse to other universities, they started 3G groups in their own universities and involved in humanitarian activities. When the students got graduated and flew to their own countries, they started initiating 3G clubs in their own countries.

In 2018, 3G Cambodia and 3G Malaysia were inaugurated. Dr. Vinothini Josiah became its first international president while Ms. Patrya Paing, the president of 3G Cambodia and Ms. Nurul Suhyda, the president of 3G Malaysia.


3G is a global network of leaders who visualise and work for a world where all people can live together amicably and live with nature harmoniously. They will make a difference in themselves, in their communities and across the globe.


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