We have a rationale to exist as an organization. Present problems of humanity and our commitment towards solving them are the reasons for our existence. The present world problems can be solved if all human beings open up their compassionate hearts towards themselves, their community, the society, and nature. Here is our understanding of today’s problem.​


Poverty is nothing but dying slowly. Almost half the world — over 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. It is most commonly defined by economic standards, based on income levels and access to basic human necessities, such as food, water, and shelter. Poverty has many ties to physical health as well, as the world’s poorest countries consistently demonstrate the lowest life expectancies. The majority of these health problems can be traced back to unsafe drinking water and malnutrition, which causes an estimated 8 million people to die every year in addition to 30,000 children’s deaths per day. 3G accepts this reality and commits to change this.


Historically, poverty has proven to be the cause of much violence and conflict and continues to be so today. In many situations human trafficking, the use of child soldiers, and prostitution can all be linked to poverty. Poverty must also include political and cultural factors and access to opportunities, education, and healthcare. If there’s one thing that can be agreed on, it would be that poverty is a real problem affecting millions of people around the world today.


Education enlightens people. It changes them. All human beings have the right to free, compulsory, quality and equal education. All children should get the chance to go to school.


3G commits itself to promoting education that is freeing people from ignorance, nurturing nature and teach compassion and not one of education that is competitive, exploitative, selfish, and driven by vested interests. Schools are places of enlightenment and not of enslavement. Education is not only the key to employment and eradication of poverty, it is also the doorway for self-realization, community development and world peace.


Health is a complete physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being. It is central to handle stress and live a full and long life. It is a resource to function in day-to-day life. All have equal rights to quality health care and education.

3G will take up activities to enhance the quality of healthcare and promote health education in order that everyone lives, not only without disease but also be in a complete status of well-being for fuller life. This ultimately helps every individual to participate in community life.


Empowerment is the potential to have control over one’s life. It would reflect on their own life, by acting on issues that they feel important. It helps every individual to participate with confidence and self-dignity in their community life. Empowerment is also becoming aware of the strengths and weaknesses of oneself, team, community and work for the welfare of well-being taking into account the opportunities and threats.


By getting empowered with knowledge, skills, and attitude, individuals will become leaders who could analyze the past, live the present and plan for the future. Thus empowerment is nothing but change. Empowerment is also contagious. It expands. 3G will take every chance to empower individuals, especially the poor, downtrodden, differently abled, refugees, repatriates, war-stricken people and other disadvantaged people.


Diversity is more than one. It is two folded. Cultural diversity and Biodiversity. Cultural diversity is the difference in culture, race, ethnicity, religious or spiritual beliefs, gender, including transgender, and other sexual orientations, socioeconomic, geographic, and academic/professional backgrounds, age, physical abilities, political beliefs, heritage and life experience. It is an understanding that each individual is unique. 3G commits itself to respect and promote the diversity of humankind.


3G believes that all living organisms in this world, in air, land or sea, have right to live while they have variability within and between them and with their ecosystems, managed or not managed. The human well-being is intimately linked to the welfare of the ecosystem. The atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere, together make the biosphere within which millions of species, including humans, have thrived. The sustainable life of these species, breathable air, potable water, fertile soils, productive lands, bountiful seas, equitable climate and other ecosystem services depend on preserving the diversity. To remind ourselves, without plants there would be no oxygen and without bees to pollinate there would be no fruit or nuts. In order for me to live, I need to be conscious of other species and do something to preserve the same.


Disasters are two folded. One is the natural disasters and another is the man-made disasters. Natural disasters are of many kind. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis and drought are a few to mention. Anything created by humanity and even humanity itself can be destroyed by nature. People, animals, and other species often are affected by these disasters. 3G takes note that people can be given disaster preparedness awareness. They can also be taught about rescue, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction tactics and programs.


Man-made disaster is the suffering and loss made intentionally by man to man and man to nature. Man made disasters are of many kinds. Wars, planned attacks, oil & chemical spills, economic collapse, and dam failure are a few to mention. It is because of anger, greed or negligence. 3G would like to help the affected innocents.


3G is a global network of leaders who visualise and work for a world where all people can live together amicably and live with nature harmoniously. They will make a difference in themselves, in their communities and across the globe.


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